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F | 19 | Canada

My name is Honhon and I work my hardest everyday to earn my happiness.

I'll kick my own ass

It is my goal to be able to make a genuine house in DS that is always nicely lit and have lots of food and just live comfortably regardless of the time of day or weather 


Kind of a weird question, but does anyone know if nipple pasties are permitted at Akon? I can always wear a bra and put crosses on that, but it keeps slipping bc I’m too flat adjsjsk

I see a lot of Sugar cosplayers just use a flesh or white coloured slip instead. They are super cheap at wal-mart in the female underwears section! You can put little crosses and that and be comfy cozy in whatever you wear normally for boob support! 

Also, check out tutorials on upping your boobage if you want! I can make my B cup into a D cup with two bras and a lot of those little squishy things, also super comfy cause the thing against my boobers is just my regular bra.